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An Answer to islepttoolong ‘s question about Pokemon

I took some time to answer the a question posted by islepttoolong http://islepttoolong.tumblr.com/

The original post (and the original questions) can be found on his blog at: http://islepttoolong.tumblr.com/post/52515395421/gettin-real-deep-about-pokemon

1.  It is assumed (mostly through the anime) that people captured and battled Pokemon for thousands of years.  Examples can be seen in things like stone tablets and relics that were used to hold Pokemon in ancient ruins.  Other examples could be the Red and Blue orb from Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby that are used to control Kyogre and Groudon respectively.  Other examples could be Sir Aaron’s staff from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew that was used to hold Lucario, or the possibly the Odd Keystones that were used to hold Spiritomb.  The earliest version of a Pokeball as we understand it can be seen in Pokemon: 4Ever (the movie with Celebi) where Sam uses a crude Pokeball to release his Charmeleon.

2.  The phrase “Pocket Monsters” is probably more attributed to the translation that came about between the Japanese and English versions of the game.  The idea of “Pokemon” being “Pocket Monsters” is less significant to the creatures in the game and more respective of the Trading Cards and Game Boy that can fit into someone’s pocket.  It’s the game that fits into someone’s pocket, not necessarily the creatures themselves.

3.  During the first generation and first anime Pokemon were displayed as animalistic creatures, but as the generations have progressed, that mentality has faded drastically (with the crappy addition of Pokeblocks and Poffins) and Pokemon are displayed as softer, more playful creatures.  There are however some very distinct food chains that exist.  Swellow eat Wurmple, Pidgey eats Caterpie, etc.  In earlier games there were indications that Ekans ate the eggs that Pidgey lay, and Pidgey would eat Magikarp (which boast sheer numbers nonetheless).   Slowpoke used its tail to fish for Shellder and Cloyster, and most recently a relationship could be seen between Heatmor and Durant.  However, there is a possibility that there are creatures in the world that are not Pokemon (RELEVENT: http://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/4-reasons-pokemon-scariest-alien-invasion-story-ever/ ) One of Venonat’s Pokedex entries says it eats “small insects”, which is also seen in Horsea’s Dex Entry.   Wailord has a similar situation, where it’s Dex entry says it dives deep into the ocean to eat its prey.  This is similar to real-world whales that dive to eat krill.

4.  Yes, people do eat Pokemon.  The easiest example is Farfetch’d, which was seen in the first generation and considered rare because of over-hunting.  Magikarp is no red-herring (pun intended), rather it is often seen cooked in the anime, especially the early anime.  There is other mystery-meat displayed in the anime, but I cannot tell exactly what it is.

5.  Pokemon that surpass humans in intellect exist, but are few and far between and typically displayed as solitary creatures.  Examples are the legendries from each generation (and Meowth in the anime), these creatures are archetypes for elements in nature, and exercise broad powers and even are capable of speaking English on occasion.  The most likely reason that humans remain the dominant species (as long as the invasion story hypothesis doesn’t hold true) is their ingenuity and ability to associate with a broad range of Pokemon and harness them to fulfill their needs.  This phenomenon is true in the real world as well, humans dominate the food chain because of a lack of predators and a spirit of ingenuity.  This is however, an intriguing question to pose, and a game that explores this idea would be an intriguing philosophical journey.

6.  It is assumed that all of the Pokemon Regions exist in the same world, a Poke-Planet, if you would prefer (RELEVENT: http://www.serebii.net/pokearth/ ).  The GTS assumes that this Poke-Planet does exist, and you are trading and battling (possibly roleplaying) with other people that exist on this Poke-Planet.  The trans-universal hypothesis is interesting, but less relevant if you are thinking within the parameters of the Pokemon Universe.

7.  Personally, I hate the idea of starter Pokemon, especially when they are unique Pokemon that can be found nowhere else.  If I could design my own game, the beginning would be like the safari zone, where you have bait and balls and try to catch something with no help, instead of a stupid professor that gets chased by wild Pokemon.  If you are not familiar with the Nuzlocke challenge (RELEVENT: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nuzlocke_Challenge ) some people play in a way that you release your starter.  Aside from that the starters are an unexplained phenomenon that is difficult to rationalize easily.  If you think back to the first episode of the Pokemon anime, Professor Oak offered Ash one of the three starters, but said that other children had already claimed them.  The professors in each game are zoologists that study and document all the Pokemon in their region, but seem to harbor a special three species that they give out exclusively to young trainers.  One way that the starters can be rationalized is that they are a type of genetically-modified breed that exist exclusively for training and battling, and are given to new trainers to set out in the world and bludgeon innocent wild animals for cruel amusement.

8.  The father is almost always absent, and this is an overused storyline in every game (except Ruby/Sapphire, Norman was the fifth gym leader as well as your father, and it was a touching moment when you beat him).  You have to use your imagination to answer this, and roleplay the rest.  Your father could live and work in another city.  Your father could be dead.  It’s also possible that your parents have gone through a divorce and you and your mother are starting over in a new town and new house.

9.  There is no specific question that I’m answering here, but I want people to realize that the Pokemon universe seems like a fun place to live, but would actually be one of the worst.  The Pokemon universe exists as a series of regions with no reigning system of government.  Rather, each region pays respect to supreme Pokemon trainers, known as the Elite Four and the Champion above them.  Each region exists independently, where everyone from youngsters to old men wander the region battling each other and giving money to people who kill their pets.  However, these regions operate independently, and have achieved a method of hiring police officers and maintaining free clinics on unknown funds while crime goes rampant and mob bosses run wild with take-over-the-world personalities.  The Pokemon world is essentially a series of feudal kingdoms with warlords and futuristic technology with a hunger for brutality that is quenched by forcing enslaved animals to battle one another.

I slept too long!: Gettin' real deep about Pokemon


So I’ve been playing Pokemon White 2 and it got me thinking things that have been on my mind since I got into Pokemon years and years ago:

1. What did people in the Pokemon universe do before Pokeballs where invented? Did they still catch Pokemon and if so, how?

2. Pokemon is a shortened…

I tried taking the Bing it On challenge, which went fine until it crashed.  Sorry Bing, you still suck.

I tried taking the Bing it On challenge, which went fine until it crashed.  Sorry Bing, you still suck.